A message from the LIFT co-founder


Many think it’s crazy starting an airline in these times. We think it’s the best time ever.

Welcome to South Africa’s brand new airline.

The outdated supply-driven. high-debt airline model needs to change. Among many other things‚ Covid has proven that it’s simply not a sustainable approach. Instead‚ it’s time for a demand-driven business model. One that’s super-efficient‚ leverages off record low input costs and is both agile and flexible.

But most importantly‚ one that is customer-obsessed. The industry has become overly rule-bound and rigid and customers need to be placed back at the centre of all decisions. It’s been a tough time in the country and across the world and we all need a little relief. The service industry is just the place to start.

Our mission is to demonstrate that South Africa can compete with the best while keeping customers at the centre of our operations. And‚ we know we can do it. We live in the most magnificent country with an abundance of talented‚ special people. What more could we need to make it happen?

Welcome to LIFT.

Gidon Novick – Co-Founder

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THE LIFT NAME The name LIFT is the brainchild of